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Boomer Box Top View

The Boomer Box



"Enhance your Gold-N-Sand X-Stream Hybrid Pro with THE BOOMER BOX! Convert your hand dredge into a potent in-stream power sluice. Easy attachment for eco-friendly gold prospecting anywhere."


This converts your hand dredge into an in-stream power sluice.


  • Attaches by sliding onto the front edge of the flare (instead of using the bucket)
  • Eco friendly to meet regulations that prohibit motors or batteries
  • Can be used for any water source; not only the X-Stream Pro hand dredge
  • 10" wide. Attaches directly to 10" sluice box (see image #4 - may need to drill holes in the sluice)


This is part of a new set of products now offered by Gold-N-Sand.

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