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SE Mini 6" Classifiers

SE Mini 6" Classifiers


This Mini 6 Inch Classifying Sieve enables you to classify your material before processing it through your sluice box or gold pan. Made of high-impact plastic and stainless steel mesh, this sieve will save you time and improve your recovery. Can be stacked with other sieves for graduated classification. Please note these are the BEST Screens on the market today and the deepest ones.



  • Classification is the most important step in gold recovery
  • Screen off large, worthless gravel and rock
  • Size your material to the proper dimensions of the gold you are expecting to recover
  • Our high-quality stainless steel wire mesh is both accurate and durable for everyday use
  • The plastic is both lightweight and durable


This stackable design takes up less space and nestles neatly into other same size classifiers!

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