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SB3  5 1/2" Gold Bubble Snuffer

SB3 5 1/2" Gold Bubble Snuffer


SB3   3 pcs - 5 1/2" Gold Bubble Snuffer


 3 Pcs Prospector's choice graduated plastic polyethylene 5-1/2" droppers are unbreakable one-piece pipettes that are used to draw and dispense liquids and have a 3 ml capacity.


Hold the pipette and squeeze and release the top bulb end to absorb the Gold, liquid, or particles you're working with. Use our Prospector's choice graduated plastic droppers for prospecting, and all kinds of testing in laboratories, for chemistry, microbiology, e-liquids, oils, fragrances, and more. Polyethylene material that is precisely graduated liquid transfer pipettes have a variety of uses great for all kinds of testing in a lab setting, or outdoors while collecting, and more capacity: 3 ml non-toxic for the environment. Lightweight and easy to use


• Plastic Droppers
• Dimensions: 5-1/2" long x 1/2" at bulb end x 1/8" at tip
• Capacity: 3ML
• Material: polyethylene
• Collects fine gold particles with ease

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