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GR3  Premium Gold Pay Dirt - 2 Grams +

GR3 Premium Gold Pay Dirt - 2 Grams +


We created a Premium Gold PayDirt that will be sure to bring a smile to your face and give you an enjoyable and rewarding panning experience.

We start with 2 ½ pounds of rich placer gold concentrates, made of copious amounts of heavy mineralized black sands (magnetite, ilmenite, hematite and other rare earth elements), silica quartz sands and crystalline garnet sands that are loaded with fine gold. Then we generously add beautiful and bright Montana gold from the Top O’ Deep mining district in Montana’s Historic Garnet Range in order to guarantee a minimum Gold content. We add Gold that is a minimum size of 18# mesh, 12# mesh and larger to include lots of pickers and nuggets. Nuggets can weigh a gram or more in size.


“Gold Reserve ” Premium Gold Paydirt is sent to you in a re-closable, zip-lock, 3 mm Shiny Gold Metallic Mylar package, that has been heat sealed to protect and prevent any loss of material during shipping.


Please Note: As spot Gold prices increase or decrease, prices on our Gold Reserve paydirt may increase or decrease accordingly, prices may be different from that shown on the photo.


Here are just two testimonials from customers who purchased our “Gold Reserve” Premium Paydirt:



Mike S. from Coeur D Alene, Idaho wrote:

“I recently ordered the 2 gram bag of your gold pay dirt. Now, I have been a prospector and miner for over 40 years and have had varying degrees of success finding gold. In the winter months, I like to buy panning dirt to feed my gold habit. As soon as I began panning out your pay dirt, up popped this clunker, and I mean a clunker! This nugget weighed just over 1.3 grams. Biggest nugget I have ever gotten. Then I was even more surprised to find a bunch of other nuggets and pickers, as well as lots of small and fine gold in my pan. In all the panning dirt’s that I have tried through the years, I have never gotten gold this good. You just made a lifelong customer!”

Steven H. from Vista, California wrote:
“Man, I just had to write to say just what a great pay dirt you have! We have lots of good gold digging here in California, but your pay dirt is like hitting the mother lode! I was genuinely surprised at not only the quantity of gold that showed up in my pan, but also the size of gold. I had purchased your 3 gram bag for my birthday and I got a handful of beautiful nuggets, a couple which were nearly a gram in weight each. Took me several hours to pan out all the fine gold. I will definitely be buying more pay dirt from you here in the near future. I think I might try your 5 gram bag next. Thank you and keep them coming!”

  • Shipping

    Any of our Gold PayDirt packages will fit in a standard USPS Flat Rate Shipper and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. for just $7.20. 

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