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PJ6HB  6" Mini Highbanker with Dream Mini Mat

PJ6HB 6" Mini Highbanker with Dream Mini Mat


Paul Jarvis (Adventures in Gold Prospecting) developed this heavy duty, small frame, 6" Mini Highbanker especially for the 6" X 16" Vortex Dream Mini Mat.

Paul is wll known in mining circles for his high quality builds and attention to detail.


Please note: This item is special order and can take one to two weeks to recieve


Features Include:


Upper:  8" X 14" Adjustible Hopper with Cross Spray Bar for efficient cleaning of placer gravels, 1/4" Expanded Metal over V-Matting to help scrub concentrates and finally, classification from 1/4" Grizzly Rods.

Lower:  6" X 24" lower box with Jarvie Riffles over carpet leading to a 6" X 16" Vortex Dream Mini Mat with water control dam. Four 24" heavy duty legs with easy hand screw tensioners.

This item does not come with a pump, but a 1500 GPH pump, four feet of 1 1/8" ribbbed hose, stainless steel hose clamps and alligator electrical clips plus six feet of wire can be added for just $69.00


Finished in Silver or Gold Vein Powder Coat Finish. Other colors available.

  • Dream Mat Availability

    Please be advised that due to supplier and labor shortages, we may somtimes experience occcassional shortages on some products. We are however recieving orders almost every day and shipping orders out as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.

    Also, due to the popularity and overwhelming demand for Dream Mat products, we could experience a shortage of inventory and thus may create a backlog of orders. Oders for Dream Mat products will be shipped as quickly as possible.

    Orders for specialty mats, i.e, "Beach Sands Mats" or "Dredge Mats" is normally not a stock item. Orders for these types of mats take approximately five to seven days to cast and cure.

    We apologize for any inconveinence and are working hard to improve the situation.

  • Dream Mat Guarantee

    Dream Mat is unconditionally guranteed against defects, Even if you just dont like it or you dont think that Dream Mat is capturing fine gold as you expected.

    *20,000 plus customers world wide and not a single return!

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