PJ6HB 6" Mini Highbanker with Dream Mini Mat


Paul Jarvis (Adventures in gold Prospecting) developed this heavy duty, small frame, 6" Mini Highbanker especially for the 6" X 16" Vortex Dream Mini Mat.

Paul is wll known in mining circles for his high quality builds and attention to detail.


Features Include:


Upper:  8" X 14" Adjustible Hopper with Cross Spray Bar for efficient cleaning of placer gravels, 1/4" Expanded Metal over V-Matting to help scrub concentrates and finally, classification from 1/4" Grizzly Rods.

Lower:  6" X 24" lower box with Jarvie Riffles over carpet leading to a 6" X 16" Vortex Dream Mini Mat with water control dam. Four 24" heavy duty legs with easy hand screw tensioners.


Finished in Silver or Gold Vein Powder Coat Finish. Other colors available.

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