PH3 Power Head 6.5" Wide


These Power heads are made to fit pretty much any sluice or flare that is 6.5” in size or style. 
By attaching a power head, you have the ability to re-circulate water from a very limited supply of water. The Power head gives you more opportunity to use the sluice in times when water may be too remote to carry a large amount of equipment with you. The pumps that come with the Power heads and power pans draw very little amperage from any 12 volt battery, so you don’t need a large battery to operate them.


Turn any sluice you have into a power sluice just by adding a power head and 12 volt pump to it; sluice with a limited amount of water.


Power head fits any 6.5” wide sluice flair, attaches with 2 nuts and bolts which are provided. Mounting holes are already drilled to fit the Keene A52.


Comes with a 1200 GPH 12 volt pump with 6’ 1 1/8” hose.
Battery not included.

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