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Mini Bucket Black Magic

Mini Bucket Black Magic


The Mini Bucket Black Magic, 8" X 19", does the same thing as the full sized Black Magic Pro or the Black Magic Mini Pro. The “MINI Bucket” has tabs that allow it to clip onto the top rim of the supplied bucket. The Mini has been shortened by 17” to a mere 19", but still performs the same as any of the larger Black Magic's.


The Black magic is the industry leading Concentrate Cleanup machine. It out performs any other type of finishing machine. The Black magic is similar to a “Miller table” and a Slate or Chalk board table. The difference is the type of material we use on our table. The material we use creates a positive static grip of contact with the gold particles that keep the gold from being swept off or down the table. The Black Magic Mini Bucket is 8”wide and 19” long and weighs only 4 lbs.


The length of the table allows an ample amount of time for the gold particles to settle and grip onto our proprietary Neoprene Rubber Matting and the narrow width allows for a controlled uniform flow of water. The Mini Black Magic also features a removable tray that is mounted underneath the table, near the bottom of the run. What gold that is not caught in the upper table will then drop into the tray. 
With the proper water flow, the table allows you to recover even the smallest particles of gold.

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