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Keene 10" Super Sluice Top View

Keene 10" Super Sluice

SKU: UsedKeeneSS

This 10" Keene Super Sluice is used, but in excellent condition. It is missing the upper screen assemble. Keene's original price was 439.95. At our price of $200, you save about 50% over new.


The  Super Sluice Box, built on the world reknown A52 sluice box,  allows you to run material through the box at much higher volumes while still retaining fine gold! 

Equipped with the upgraded  folding leg system that a articulates 4 different positions independently. Each leg travels up and down as well, making it easy to set the Super Sluice in a river or stream to get that perfect slope and height.


The sluice box uses a mix of carpets, expanded metal, Hungarian riffles and Keene's famous Miracle matting that provides the ultimate in regenerative riffle design that works even in heavy black sand areas. The variety of rifle designs performs exceptionally well in a multitude of conditions and is very forgiving if you tilt the box to the side or have disruptions in the water flow. It really holds on to the gold!


Manufactured to Keene quaility!

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