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Keene PHP160 250 GPM Free Standing Pump

Keene PHP160 250 GPM Free Standing Pump

SKU: KP160

These pumps are used, but have less than 10 hours use. There are four available. Keenes price for this pump is $575.00 , but at our sell price of just $250 - that is less than half.


This PHP160 pump has a soecial Keene custom impeller that boostes the output to 250 Gallons per minute and up to 180 foot head.  2 inch intake slip fitting and a 1.5 inch NPT discharge. The pump will bolt directly to a variety of motors and brands running around 3 to 5 hp and higher. Just be sure to match the proper shaft to pump. This pump also leaves enough room to adapt a 2 inch pulley between the engine and back plate to drive a air compressor or other accessories. Having a free standing pump greatly enhances stability and performance. Keene pumps provide superior performance over all other pumps. Keene pumps are also one of the only pumps that provide accessory pulley drive.  This custom PHP160 produces a good balance of both volume and pressure.


* These pumps have Keene custom impellers in them for optimized performance to operate a  2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch and up to a 4inch dredge.

I have only two of these pumps left.

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