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GPK MT200 Mag-Torch Pencil Tips

GPK MT200 Mag-Torch Pencil Tips

SKU: MT200

This is an all position torch and is recommended by our designer as the ideal torches for use with our GPK mini kwik kilns:


• Easier to use, puts out more heat

• Reaches melting temperature in 10 minutes without over-firing.

• Orifice and head are larger

• Able to turn it up higher without pencil flame protruding into combustion chamber

• Less grooving of the graphite crucible

• Easier to regulate

• Flame is more stable; can set canister down after lighting without having to re-adjust flame.

• Made of all solid brass

• Made in USA


Note: These pencil tip torches will NOT work with our KK6 or any of our larger Kwik Kilns, only our mini Kwik Kiln®. 

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