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GC11  Gold Cube  Add-A-Mat

GC11 Gold Cube Add-A-Mat


Add-a-Mat is the worlds fastest way to swap out mats in your Gold Cube!   This flexible stainless claw,  mounts easily to the underside of the cube tray and applies constant pressure on a mat of your choice.  No more gluing and stapling just “cut to fit” your mat and the hold down system automatically grips the mat while your busy getting gold.    Note:  Add-A-Mat works perfect with the Gold Cube Blank Tray


  • Simple to install:  Attaches to bottom of tray with 7 screw (included).
  • Works with all mats: Go ahead and try out different mats or mix and match!
  • Easy Clean-up: simply slip the mat out for clean-up.
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