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DTR1  6"  Redback Dream Trommel with 10" Dream Mat

DTR1 6" Redback Dream Trommel with 10" Dream Mat


The 6' Redback Dream Trommel was developed by Ryan Oldfield Engineering and created for Vortex Dream Mat. A 10" Vortex Dream Mat ® or 10" Beach Sands Mat is included with the trommel. Both the trommel and sluice angles are fully adjustable.


Dream Mat is the first sluice mat ever to be scientifically engineered and designed using advanced fluid dynamic principles and physics. The mini Hydro-Cyclone inspired vortex cells classify, separate, capture and hold gold naturally. Dream Mats vortex cells exploits natures own forces in a patented system to bring the finest gold recovery ever created.


The 6 " Redback Dream Trommel is CNC laser cut and folded aluminium construction with a red powder coat finish. Trommel is built to the highest of standards. Built for longevity, all aluminium has been sand blasted and primed prior to powder coating. No expense has been spared.


The barrel is 6 inces in diameter x 24 inches long and is made from 1.6mm 350 grade steel with black zinc plate finish. Inside the barrel is 3 removable breaker bars to help tumble the material and break up clay.


This trommel incorporates a proper internal spray bar unlike many competitors that have crude PVC piping spraying water from the outside.


A 2 speed, 12v high torque electric motor drives the trommel with 10mm thick steel gears. (Some competitors just use a spring to mount the motor driven by plastic gears). There is guarding all around the gear set to prevent rocks getting in.

Trommel stands at 39.3 inces tall and is 59.05 inces long.

Weighing at just 53 lbs, this is a large lightweight trommel that is easy to move and set up.


Production is currently about 3 weeks.




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