Vortex Dredge Mat (See all Sizes Available Below)

Vortex Dredge Mat (See all Sizes Available Below)


These new dredge mats are designed for a faster water flow, i.e. made for dredging. Some changes to the new mat include a harder, more resilient Urethane resin. The mat itself is thicker than standard Dream Mat, being closer to an inch thick. The sheltered coves are higher and the wells are deeper. Even at that, the new Dredge Mats process quicker and the cells clear out quicker.


Please be advised: "Dredge Mats is a Prepay and Order item"

Available sizes start at 12" X 36" up increase in width up to  24" X 48" 

  • Dream Mat Availability

    Please be advised that due to the Covid 19 Pandemic crisis, short suppy of polyurethane resin and the overwhelming demand for Dream Mat products at this time, has created a shortage of inventory. Orders for Dream Mat products are being delayed as the factory is trying to catch up with demand. Orders can expect to be delayed by 14 to 21 days for common mats and up to 30 days for specialty mats. We apologize for this inconveinence and are working hard to rectify the situation.

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