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DHB5 8" X 48" Dream High Banker with Concentrator Mat


The 8" X 48" Dream Highbanker with Concentrator Mat is great for beach sands and designed for fine gold recovery, concentrating your cons, so you dont have to run them over again.


 The Dream Highbanker classifies and separates from the upper grizzly. Classified gravels and gold continue in to the lower sluice body, where the Concentrator Mat captures and holds your fine gold. The Dream Highbanker is super efficient at gold recovery, and at lightning speed.


Crafted from 0.063 inch AA 5051 Aircraft/Marine Grade aluminum alloy, the Dream Highbanker was designed specifically for Dream Mat.


Dream Mat is the first sluice mat ever to be scientifically engineered and designed using advanced fluid dynamic principles and physics. The mini Hydro-Cyclone inspired vortex cells capture and hold gold naturally. Dream Mats vortex cells exploits natures own forces in a patented system to bring the finest gold recovery ever created.

Welcome to 21st Century Gold mining!