BBM1 Blue Bowl Micro Mat

BBM1 Blue Bowl Micro Mat


The new BBM1 Blue Bowl Micro Mat was designed exclusively for the Blue Bowl and will allow for the centrifugal bowl cleaner to run at a much higher speed, thereby reducing process time. Adding almost 100x mini cyclone cells that mimic the bowls base function. 


Turbo Charge your old Bowl!     4" I.D. x10.25" O.D 

  • Dream Mat Availability

    Please be advised that due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we may somtimes experience difficulty in obtaining the polyurethane resin used to make Dream Mat products and thus may create a backlog of orders.

    Also, due to the popularity and overwhelming demand for Dream Mat products, we could experience a shortage of inventory and thus may create a backlog of orders. Oders for Dream Mat products will be shipped as quickly as possible.

    Orders for specialty mats, i.e, "Beach Sands Mats" or "Dredge Mats" is normally not a stock item. Orders for these types of mats take approximately five to seven days to cast and cure.

    We apologize for any inconveinence and are working hard to improve the situation.

  • Dream Mat Guarantee

    Dream Mat is unconditionally guranteed against defects, Even if you just dont like it or you dont think that Dream Mat is capturing fine gold as you expected.

    *20,000 plus customers world wide and not a single return!