Angus MacKirk Chemical Gold Leaching Plant

Angus MacKirk Chemical Gold Leaching Plant


This item was part of an estate. Item is used, but like new. New cost is $1,040.00, save over 30%.


Angus MacKirk Portable Chem GOLD Leaching System.

It's small footprint takes up very little space  Roll it where you want it!

H-55 Inches,  W-29.5 Inches, D-19.5 Inches   WT. IS 38 LBS


Anybody working a hard rock claim needs this leaching system to extract and verify ore samples.


The top Bin A holds five gallons of Leaching Formula along with your Gold Ore.

There is a built in bubbler for agitation of your leach and a filter to prevent your ore from getting into Bin B.

BIN A is the LEACH BIN.  BIN B in the middle is the PH and  Precipitation Bin.

BIN C catches your  PRECIPITATED GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM OR COPPER in the filter.  The Bucket is recommended so that your can recylce your leach liquids.

Sold new for $1,040.00, save over 30%


For testing and small batch processing.

Impervious to all acids

For use with ANY Leaching Formula.

Comes with some supplies and a spare 120 volt aerator pump.

120v Aerator is standard.

Bucket is not included.  Sold As-Is