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8" X 36" Micro Dream Sluice Mat Top View

8" X 36" Micro Dream Sluice Mat


The 8" X 36" Micro Dream Mat. You asked for it, you got it. Miners doing fine gold recovery in Australia wanted a sluice size version of the Gold Cube micro mat to catch fine gold. It makes a great beach sand mat and finishing mat. The micro mat is excellent at capturing super fine gold with very little cons.  Its so fun & easy to use!



  • Extremely high fine gold recovery
  • Works in high steep and low flow scenarios
  • Light weight and flexible


Please Note:  This tight complex profile is difficult to cast without getting some small air bubbles and imperfections. This will not hinder the functionality of the mat.

  • Dredge Mat Availability

    Due to the popularity and overwhelming demand for Dream Mat products, we could occassionaly experience a temporary shortage of inventory and thus may create a backlog of orders. Oders for Dream Mat products will be shipped as quickly as possible.

    Orders for specialty mats, i.e, "Beach Sands Mats" or "Dredge Mats" may take approximately five to seven days to cast and cure.

    We apologize for any inconveinence and are working hard to improve the situation.

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