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6" x 16" Mini Combo Dream Mat Top View 1

MDM10 6" X 16" Mini Combo dream Mat


6" X 16" Mini Dream Combo Dream Mat


Another great combo mat in smaller size!. Gold just gives up when facing the unsurpassable combo mat. Throw this in your sluice box and count on the unique 3 stage recovery system to lock on to your gold.


* Fits in your 6"x24" sluice and takes recovery to the next level. Easier to use, more forgiving in flows & angles, run more material, less cons, more gold.


The Mini Combo Dream Mat is a combination of:

  • Micro Mat = Insane fine gold recovery you can see; lets you know when you're on the gold without the migration other ribbed mats have.
  • Mini Mat has that front row gold reputation, sluice w/ confidence fine gold & nuggets are on lockdown!
  • Cape-D (New High Low Version) fine gold recovery for heavy black sands!


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