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12" X 35" Beach Sand  Dream Mat 1

12" X 35" Beach Sand Dream Mat


This 12" x 35" Beach Sand mat was designed to run heavy black sands. Can also be used as a concentrator mat for cons.


This mat is going to be the new standard for fine gold recovery, lighting fast, higher flow and feed rates, better recovery. WOW is what experienced

miners are saying!


Dream Mat is the first sluice mat ever to be scientifically engineered and designed using advanced fluid dynamic principles and physics. The mini Hydro-Cyclone inspired vortex cells capture and hold gold naturally. Dream Mats vortex cells exploits natures own forces in a patented system to bring the finest gold recovery ever created.


Please note: We try to keep some 12" Beach Sand mats in stock, but the Beach Sands Mat is a speciality mat that is cast and molded per request. Casting, molding and curing times is about 5 to 7 days. Shipping times may be longer than advertised.


Available in Dark Grey only.

Color: Gray
  • Dream Mat Guarantee

    Dream Mat is unconditionally guranteed against defects, Even if you just dont like it or you dont think that Dream Mat is capturing fine gold as you expected.

    *20,000 plus customers world wide and not a single return!

  • Dream Mat Availability

    Due to the popularity and overwhelming demand for Dream Mat products, we could occassionaly experience a temporary shortage of inventory and thus may create a backlog of orders. Oders for Dream Mat products will be shipped as quickly as possible.

    Orders for specialty mats, i.e, "Beach Sands Mats" or "Dredge Mats" may take approximately five to seven days to cast and cure.

    We apologize for any inconveinence and are working hard to improve the situation.

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