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Helping miners get more gold

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We're passionate about gold prospecting here at Mountain West Mining, That's why we are ABSOLUTELY THRILLED!!! to introduce our new product line from our great friends over at, where they have designed some big boy toys for us all to use that "Leave No Gold Behind," designed to help you make the most out of your prospecting experience. With our cutting-edge tools and equipment, Dream Mat and now these, you can be confident that you won't miss a single speck of gold.


Get ready to embark on an exhilarating gold prospecting adventure with us today!

introducing our new product line

Best Selling


Mountain West Mining, LLC was organized and registered in the State of Idaho in 2017 as a legitimate mining company to provide opportunities to legally prospect for precious metals, conduct mining activities and afford protection under the 1872 and existing Mining Laws.

We strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards: ethically, responsibly and accountable. Conducting all mining activities in a responsible and safe manner, co-operating with and complying with all federal and state regulations, respect for private property boundaries and being conscious of protecting our environment with an attitude of “Leave it better than you found it”!


The products that we offer have been carefully chosen and represent many different manufacturers and are both trusted and proven in the industry. In addition, applying our own accumulated knowledge of mining and gold recovery methods, we design, fabricate and manufacture some of our own innovative and branded mining equipment.  Our goal is to bring and offer reasonably priced and affordable options for the prospector and miner, whether they are the  occasional weekend prospector or engaged in a small scale mining enterprise.


As an outlet for sales, the company attends local and regional Gold Shows, as well as Rock and Mineral Shows throughout the Pacific Northwest and maintains a retail online E-commerce Store where we offer Small Scale/Recreational Mining Equipment and Prospecting Supplies (

We are committed to developing and maintaining long term relationships with local and regional mining clubs and organizations. 

Miners aren't just Our CustomersThey are our Friends

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